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Highly efficient and reliable turboexpanders for industrial scale air separation units

With extensive experience, the core technology of Air Liquide Engineering & Construction Turbo has been well proven for over 50 years. During that time, with an installed base of well over a thousand turboexpanders, our technology has steadily grown and improved to become the leading technology in terms of both overall efficiency and reliability.

The breadth of our portfolio and experience enables us to provide the most innovative turboexpander solutions, focused only on what best meets the needs of each customer.

The range of turboexpanders we offer enables us to address diverse needs across mainly industrial gas and LNG sectors, providing variations in scale, operating modes and process permutations. We offer flexible and simple integration into ASU cold box and customer utilities. 

Turboexpander range:

  • Compressor TC Series: TC2000, TC3000, TC4000, TC6000, TC9000, TC12000
  • Hydrobrake Cryogenic Compressor (THC) Series: THC-3000, THC-4000, THC-6000
  • Turboexpander - Hydrobrake (TH) Series: TH-3000, TH-4000, TH-6000

As we own and operate our own assets, we receive constant operating feedback and understand from hands-on experience the challenges related to process safety, reliability, and maintenance. We use this insight to design and build plants and equipment with an operating mindset and have a solid understanding of the challenges of on-site installation and complex projects.

We guarantee quality, reliability, and efficiency as standard. We can do this because our operational experience means we understand what our customers need and how to achieve it.


Our aftermarket services are more than just spare parts. 

Our factory-trained technicians are supported by the engineers and technicians that designed, built, and tested the equipment. Aftermarket services manage upgrades, retrofits, repairs, training, field services, warranty, and commissioning.

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