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The way we work

At Air Liquide Engineering & Construction, we create an engaging environment, diverse and inclusive, that allows employees to grow and to thrive. 

Introducing BeActEngage

BeActEngage outlines the way we aspire to work at Air Liquide Engineering & Construction, in order to support our business strategy and our performance. It is about living our fundamentals, acting for our success, and creating an engaging environment.

Be is about living our fundamentals through your contributions that make Air Liquide a safe place to work, your behaviour and your engagement for our long-term performance.

Safety, Ethics, and Long-Term Performance have always been and will remain the foundation of our success.

Acting for our success relies on three words: Deliver, Care, and Adapt.

Deliver is about achieving short-term ans mid-term results by taking ownership and being proactive.

Care about our customers, patients and  your collegues is about embedding customer centricity and respectful teamwork in our environment.

Adapt is first about being aware of what is changing around us and then developing our ability to adapt, and promoting a continuous improvement mindset.

Engage is about leaders creating an engaging environment by giving Purpose, sharing the why. Trusting and being trusted. Leaders who empower and give clear expectations as well as are walking the talk, and leaders who are growing our people by giving guidance and learning opportunities.

My Voice

As part of the feedback culture at Air Liquide, we listen to the voice of our employees by conducting an annual engagement survey called MyVoice. Thanks to this program, we better understand what we need to work on, and we act to improve the engagement of our employees through initiatives deployed at different levels in the organization: team, entity and Company level.

88% employees of Engineering & Construction shared their feedback through MyVoice in 2022

Quality of life at work

We believe that we can only build  long term performance with committed employees who feel engaged and successful by working in a harmonious and collaborative environment. 

We have launched  the “Quality of life at work" initiative with the aim to support and promote the work-life balance, create a flexible work environment and encourage and support employees to become actively engaged in their own health and wellbeing and promote both mental and physical wellbeing.

In order to implement concrete actions, each Center, Front End Office and Manufacturing Center local Management has to select a minimum of 8 principles, and implement at least one action from each principle.