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Carbon Capture

A range of highly competitive and tried-and-tested solutions for CO2 management

Air Liquide has long standing experience in CO₂ management, from capture, purification and liquefaction to storage and transport from various sources.

A distinctive aspect of our CO₂ management capability is our market-leading development and application of cryogenic processes, which involve the use of extremely low temperatures to separate gases. 

Cryocap™ is a technological innovation for CO₂ capture. The variety of processes we have developed can be adapted to specific applications in combination with a number of other Air Liquide technologies,  such as adsorption and the use of membranes.

  • Cryocap™ Hcombines cryogenic and membrane technologies to produce hydrogen
  • Cryocap™ FG captures CO₂ from flue gases and is of particular value to sectors such as refining or cement production
  • Cryocap™ Oxy captures and purifies flue gases to produce higher quality CO₂, with lower levels of impurities
  • Cryocap™ Steel can be retrofitted to steel production processes or installed new to boost process efficiency
  • Cryocap™ LQ offers large scale CO₂ liquefaction, with low operational expenditure and high rates of CO₂ recovery


Recticap™ is a streamlined version of our proprietary and well referenced syngas cleaning technology Rectisol™, specifically tuned for CO2 capture. It is optimized for large-scale production of decarbonized hydrogen by ATR, and delivers high purity gaseous CO2.

We also engineer amine-based technologies  to capture CO2 from syngas or flue gas. This can deliver high purity gaseous CO2 at low pressure. 

With our proprietary technologies for CO2 capture (Cryocap™, Recticap™ and for integrated impurity removal, Rectisol™), and our referenced experience in the application of amine washes, coupled with our extensive operational experience, we have a range of highly competitive and tried-and-tested solutions for CO2 capture.