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Lurgi to execute Gasifier Unit for North West Upgrader

Lurgi AG, Frankfurt, has been awarded an Engineering, Procurement and Construction contract by North West Upgrading, Calgary / Canada, for the execution of a gasifier unit for North West´s Upgrader project.

This major contract, worth in excess of, converted, Euro 310 Mio, encompasses the design, procurement and construction of a new gasification-based hydrogen plant with a capacity of approximately 135.000 Nm3/h . It will include Lurgi´s proprietary Multi Purpose Gasification (MPG®) and Rectisol gas sweetening processes. High purity hydrogen produced from the gasifier unit will be used within the upgrader processes to make valuable products such as Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel. High purity CO2 will be captured from the process and sold for enhanced oil recovery applications.

Mechanical completion and commissioning of the gasification-based hydrogen unit is expected in the first half of 2011.

“Lurgi brings a strong history of worldwide gasification and gas processing experience to North West,” said Rob Pearce, President, North West Upgrading. “We are confident in the capacity and capability to ensure that this  project remains on track and on schedule.“